Why W1NGS?

The use of high-quality, innovative CONTACT LATEX 4mm latex in the HEXA glove provides unparalleled durability, while guaranteeing the 'glue' so much desired by us goalkeepers.

The HEXA glove also features a number of other innovative solutions that contribute to its uniqueness.


Hyla Cut

The Hyla Cut is a glove cut that provides all the benefits of the Rollfinger and Negative - the most desired glove cuts by goalkeepers! Whether you prefer the finger-tight Negative Cut or the secure and high-grip Rollfinger, with HEXA you'll get exactly what you're looking for!

The Hyla Cut guarantees:

the full grip of the glove to the fingertips gives you even more grip when intervening with your fingertips,

Latex along the fingertips and seams inside the glove ensure a full fit of the material to the hand, giving you maximum control of the ball when gripping,

Up to 4 mm of the highest quality CONTACT latex provides the best protection for your hands when shooting hard and incredible grip on both dry and rainy days.


HG "Honey Glue"

The latex used in HEXA Contact Latex provides maximum grip in both dry and wet weather conditions. This latex is also much more durable than some super-soft latexes, thanks to the balance of grip with the corresponding softness of the 4mm thick foam. As a result, the glove is able to last longer and will not need to be replaced every few matches or training sessions.

Latex, on the other hand, is not the only thing that translates into the stickiness that Honey Glue offers. Thanks to the fact that the latex is wrapped around the thumb on both sides, there is no phenomenon of thumb slipping on the ball, which can be troublesome in worse weather conditions and can affect the effective catching of the ball.

Wrapping the thumb in latex also gives more grip and protection to the thumb in 'one-on-one' interventions, where the ball is often bounced even with one finger.

In addition, as W1NGS we understand that defending a shot will not always be based on rebounding the ball with your fingers. That is why we have wrapped the glove with latex on the outside of the palm, so that in situations where you don't have time to position your hand properly you can even bounce the ball with the outside of your palm.


Inverted Velcro

When developing the HEXA, we didn't want to mindlessly follow current trends, but to create a glove that actually helps you during play. This is why we decided to use velcro to stabilise the wrist.

However, we know that sometimes those few millimetres can make all the difference when it comes to goalkeeper parades. That's why the Velcro used on the HEXA HG is designed to stabilise without unnecessarily over-stiffening the wrist.

The inverted Velcro keeps the wrist stable without reducing mobility.

The entire Velcro is finished with a rubber element with the W1NGS logo. This does not affect the properties of the Velcro, but we wanted the gloves you will be wearing to look as good as you do during the match :D


HEXA HG Second Skin

When developing the HEXA HG, we focused strongly on making the glove fit the hand as snugly as possible, creating a second skin effect. 

To this end, we used elements such as:

Rubber elements inside the glove on the palm and fingertips that prevent uncontrolled movement of the hand inside the glove, holding the hand together for a second-skin feel,

The Hyla Cut HG cut, which reduces the space between the material and the hand through the use of internal seams,

Inverted velcro that allows wrist mobility without creating a sense of blocking hand movement.

The above add up to a second-skin feel and as precise a contact with the ball as possible.


Modern and unique design #HEXASTYLE

When designing the HEXA HG we wanted to give you a pair of gloves that you would be proud to wear and that both you and the people watching you play on the pitch would enjoy. To do this, we decided to combine elements that will make the HEXA HG gloves catch your eye regardless of your age.
The black hand base made of Neoprene is primarily used here as a reference to a classic timeless colour that can be matched with virtually any other colour of your team's jersey. The black palm base together with the black latex also gives a sense of elegance to your gloves and the fact that it is less visible to the shooter of the opposing team. Apparently, if the shooter can't see your gloves, there is a greater chance that he will hit your hand. We don't know if this is true, but if that's what they say on the playing fields then there might be something to it. We leave it to you to test this theory.

The superimposition of a honeycomb pattern, breaking out of the black base with a neon-orange gradient, is intended to add a slightly modernistic punch that does not disturb the timeless shade of black. Hence the name of our model. The pattern is not only a honeycomb, but also a reference to a hexagon. It is a pattern that you may also associate with the classic white balls with black patches. We wanted our gloves to refer to the history of football itself and the accepted patterns in its culture, despite the modernist style.

The use of a silver base for the toe, on the other hand, is intended to add some sparkle to your interventions and a flashy effect on photos and videos of your matches. Superimposing our company's name on it in a modernist urban-type design, on the other hand, is a reference to those graffiti-painted walls you had next to your school playing fields when you were young. At the same time it looks very good, and in our opinion this is also important, because at the end of the day when you look at your new gloves it is important that you like them.

The final touch is our logo, which we decided to place along the latex on the side of the hand. What attracted most of us to stand on the proverbial 'wake' was those amazing goalie parades we saw when we were kids and watching goalies literally fly at the goal. That's why we wanted to incorporate that feeling into our logo and give you the feeling that wearing W1NGS gloves actually feels like flying.

It all adds up to #HEXASTYLE. This is a hashtag that we encourage you to use for photos featuring our gloves 馃槈 .

We hope that HEXA HG will convince you and that you will thus be part of our W1NGS family.

Create your legend on the pitch!

Don't be defeated - order the HEXA gloves and create your own legend on the pitch!