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At W1NGS, we believe that parameters do not have to be mutually exclusive! HEXA is a compression of everything that has delighted us in the countless goalkeeper gloves tested.


Let's talk about specifics.

The HEXA HG glove features a number of innovative solutions that contribute to its uniqueness:


The use of high-quality, innovative CONTACT LATEX 4mm latex in the HEXA HG glove provides unparalleled durability, while guaranteeing the 'glue' so much desired by us goalkeepers.

Hyla Cut HG

A versatile glove cut that combines the best of two of the most coveted cuts among goalkeepers, the Negative Cut and the Rollfinger Cut.

HG "Honey Glue"

The honeycomb pattern is more than just a modern design! The cut of the gloves and the CONTACT LATEX 4mm latex used guarantee a sticky grip, like spreading a sticky layer of honey.

Inverted Velcro

"Confident hands" are the foundation of a goalkeeper! With the HEXA HG gloves, we've used inverted Velcro to provide a sense of reliable stability without excessive, unwanted hand stiffness.

Unique design #HEXASTYLE

When designing the HEXA HG glove, we went for a modern, streetwear design, combining timeless, classic black with energetic, neon orange. Want to find out more about how we designed our unique #HEXASTYLE?

HEXA HG Second Skin

The state-of-the-art Second Skin technology used is a polymeric, flexible element built into the inside of the glove, which minimises hand movement and provides reliable stabilisation. The combination of the revolutionary Second Skin technology and the Hyla Cut HG guarantees a perfect fit of the HEXA HG glove to your hand!


Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

So let's catch the wind in our W1NGS wings together! Whether you play amateur or professional, the HEXA HG gloves are the perfect choice for you.

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