History W1NGS

Thank you for your interest in the W1NGS brand - I am delighted that you have found your way to this website. Let me tell you how our unique, professional goalkeeping gloves came to be, and it all started with the fact that... I wasn't destined to become the second Wojciech Szczesny ;)

"Standing on goal"

My entire childhood and teenage years were marked by my 'standing in goal'. A professional goalkeeping career did not ultimately become my destiny, but a huge passion for reliable equipment for the most important defender on the pitch remained. Does this mean that I am a gadgeteer? Perhaps! I've spent the last nearly 10 years testing countless goalkeeping gloves - regional as well as globally available, the affordable as well as the insanely expensive, all backed up by personal testing as well as collecting feedback and ratings from my colleagues on the pitch. I can confidently say that no cut of glove, its workmanship and model, is alien to me!

What sets W1NGS apart?

The W1NGS brand is a compression of everything I was delighted with in the products of the available brands, while improving those parameters that left much to be desired. What do I mean? The W1NGS brand is the perfect combination of high-quality workmanship and modern, eye-catching design. An important parameter is also the wallet-friendly price of the product, because I know very well that one glove per season is definitely not enough. The development of the HEXA glove, the first W1NGS glove, was, I'll admit, quite a challenge - our road to perfection took many months, but it was worth it!

The beginning of an adventure

It is with pure pleasure, whether you play amateur or professional, that I place our gloves in your hands. At the same time, I guarantee that the HEXA model is only the beginning of the adventure that is the W1NGS brand. Be sure to stay up to date with all that we have to offer by following our social media and signing up for our newsletter.

So let's catch the wind in our W1NGS wings together!

You can find more technical parameters of the HEXA model by clicking on the button.

Create your legend on the pitch!

Don't be defeated - order the HEXA gloves and create your own legend on the pitch!