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16 Sep 2023

How do you choose goalkeeper gloves?

A practical guide for every goalkeeper! The goalkeeper plays a key role in a football team. He is the one who guards the goal, protecting it from football bullets and deciding the outcome of the match. In order to perform his role effectively, a goalkeeper must not only have excellent skills, but also properly fitted goalkeeper gloves.

In today's article, we will provide a practical guide to help you choose the perfect gloves to suit your needs and playing style. Here are some key steps to consider when buying goalkeeper gloves.

Determine your level of sophistication

The first step when choosing goalkeeping gloves is to determine your level as a goalkeeper. If you're a beginner, look for gloves designed for lower-level players, providing adequate grip and protection. For more experienced goalkeepers, there are advanced models with innovative technologies that can provide even better grip and precision.

Choosing the right latex

Latex is a key material used to manufacture the palms of goalkeeper gloves. Its quality has a direct impact on the grip and durability of the gloves. When choosing gloves, pay attention to the type and thickness of latex. Very soft latex will give you a much better grip, but it will also wear out much faster. Hard latex, on the other hand, will make the gloves more durable, but the grip will suffer.

Glove fit

Goalkeeper gloves should fit properly, as this is a key element affecting the goalkeeper's performance and comfort when playing on the pitch. Properly fitted goalkeeper gloves will allow for better grip, protection and the ability to move freely. Gloves that are too loose will move around and make it difficult to grip the ball accurately. Gloves that are too tight, on the other hand, will result in limited movement of the fingers and make defending shots less agile and effective. It is therefore important to choose gloves that fit properly.

Glove size

It is also important to choose the right size gloves. Gloves should fit snugly in the hand, but not so tight as to restrict finger movement. Check the size chart before purchasing and choose the right size for your hand.

Hand protection and support

A good pair of goalkeeper gloves should provide adequate hand protection. Look for models with reinforcements on the fingers and thumb area to minimise the risk of injury when defending shots.


Choosing the right goalkeeper gloves is a crucial aspect for any goalkeeper who wants to be successful on the pitch. Considering latex quality, size, fit and other factors will help you find the perfect model to meet your requirements. Ensure comfort, grip and protection for your hands so you can defend goals with even more confidence.

The HEXA HG gloves by W1NGS will be an excellent choice for both beginner and more advanced goalkeepers. The latex used in these gloves provides a very good grip and at the same time is more durable than super soft latexes, so it will not wear out too quickly. The additional latex wrapping of the thumb on both sides provides protection for interventions and ensures higher efficiency in one-on-one situations. The goalkeeper's gloves have also been designed to fit the hand as snugly as possible, creating a second-skin effect, while the inverted Velcro stabilises the wrist without restricting mobility.

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David Imach
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